Qi Gong

Qi Gong, literally "work on energy and breath" is a practice of Taoist derivation, which includes various static and dynamic exercises to learn to control the flow of energy within the human body and to balance it with that of the sky and of the earth.

In addition to the undoubted benefits on the psycho-physical and motor health of the individual, it also leads to the gradual elevation of the practitioner's consciousness and energy state.

There are different forms of therapeutic Qi Gong, and as many of martial Qi Gong.

The fundamental position of Qi Gong is known by the name of Zhang Zhuang (or tree position).

Qi Gong differs in:
1. Static: where the legs and arms are stationary in a static position.
2. Semi-Dynamic: In which arms and legs move, but I do not take steps.
3. Dynamic: in which steps are taken, there are torso rotations and changes of direction.

Qi Gong studies the principles of internal energy up to Nei Gong, which is its deepest and most internal level (Nei in Chinese means precisely "internal").

My programs include:
1) Energetic stretching preparatory exercises.
2) Zhang Zhuang (Three static positions).
3) Zhuang zhuang first, second and third form in motion.
4) Jian Shen Qi Gong Shierfa "The Twelve Exercises to Develop and Cultivate the Health of the Body".
5) Ma Duan Wei (Twelve Qi Gong sequences of the spine).
6) Meditations, visualizations and work on sounds. 

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