Sun Style

The Tai Ji Sun is very peculiar because, even if it is someway similar to the Wu (of Wu Yuxiang), it contains innumerable elements of Pa Kua Zhang (Boxing of the Eight Trigraphs) and Shing Yi Quan (Boxing of the Mind’s Form). In fact its founder Sun Lu Tang was a great expert of these styles (for this reason he was named “Master of the Three Palms”). By combining them together, he created a style of fight that puts together the straight and rectilinear movements of the Shing Yi, some evasive steps of the Pa Kua and the fluid and soft movement of hands of the Tai Ji Quan.

It is a style mostly unknown in Italy, and it is certainly the less practised in China amongst the five official Taiji Quan styles.

After the death of Sun Jian Yun, daughter of Sun Lu Tang, the Great Master Sun Yong Tian is the actual world leader of this peculiar and elegant style, marked by the high position of the legs, the fluid and quick steps, similar to those in the fencing, and a complex movement of the arms, including the techniques of three different internal styles combined in a single boxing.

The master Enrico Passeri has been formally accepted as direct disciple of the Grand Master Sun Yong Tian and has been appointed by the latter as member and representative in Italy of the Fourth Generation of the Sun style Tai Chi Chuan Masters. 

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